Hi There Neighbours,

I've recently had an operation on my foot I wonder if any of you have  wheelchair you can lend it to me for couple of weeks till I get back on my feet again. 

Thank you,

Best. Jx

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Thanks Christine, I'll look into that. 

Hi.  I had a wheelchair in my shed, but the Estate Office removed all my belongings, and don't know what happened to them.  There is a possibility they still have the wheelchair, so its worth asking them. 

Hi Maria, thank you for your reply I called them and asked about it. Barry said everything gets disposed so they don't have it. But thank you anyway.  

Typical answer from the Estate Office.  They forcibly remove your possessions, claim they are kept somewhere in storage, but 'dispose' of them anyway. without your knowledge.  Its a disgrace that a perfectly good wheelchair is thrown out, when they are hard to come by in the first place.  Shame on them! 

Am sorry it hasn't helped you JF, and hope you get your chair soon.  I know, after breaking my ankle some years ago, just how helpful a wheelchair was.  Hope you get better soon. 

Thank you Maria, I see what you mean it's very unfortunate. I managed find one from the Barbican talk. Thanks again for everyone who replied.    


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