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Golden Lane Festive Singalong at Jewin Welsh Church

December 16, 2023 from 2:45am to 5pm
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Earn £30 - take part in a focus group for City of London community members at Sir Ralph Perring Centre

December 11, 2023 from 4pm to 5pm


There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

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This first step of a consultation on a 'mini forest', as part of the City of London and hopefully Imagine a Net Zero Golden Lane endeavour. Lots of interesting comments including concern about Anti-social behaviour damaging the project . Although most seemed to agree careful design could help alleviate ASB by marking our territory. I recall small changes impacting on this in a good way years ago, it was then called 'defensible space'. One absolute anti any change by one architect resident. I presume we could all boil to death as long as nothing changed architecturally.

Anyway I look forward to further discussions. One thing we need to check , do the City of London Climate Resilience team know about the Studio Partington work that will be rolled out across the estate?

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Judging by the litter left by film crews over the past two days, I’m afraid you’re all going to be fighting a losing battle. This isn’t an isolated incident, it happens time and time again. Because the offenders don’t come from this area, they’re not bothered about the state they leave the area in. Let’s get real, we can pretty the Estate up all we like, but whilst we have ASB, and rogue film crews rocking up and treating the Estate as they will, it’ll be a losing battle. Rather than ‘net zero’ can the problems we face re the above be more of a priority, after all, in our life time we’re none of us going to reap the benefits of ‘net zero’ but in the meantime we’re having to endure disruption which can be stopped. I have taken photos of the litter left behind, by the seats in Fann Street.
Your points were all raised at the meeting. As for the Climate I think it's important to do what we can for the children being born today and their children

Please do keep me posted about this.

I think I have chased our Alderperson and some Councillors about putting seating at the East end of the avenue of trees, and installing a fountain on the triangular wedge (where the wilting planters live) to commemorate the site clearance.  Might help cool the local climate and local sitters?  

Is it just Fann Street, or might planters be scattered across the entire estate?

What is the Corporation's policy on litter bins?


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