Golden Baggers

Nestled between the Ralph Perring Centre and Hatfield House are the Golden Lane Estate allotments run by a thriving community of ‘Golden Baggers’.

This little oasis began as a food-growing project in 2010 using 20 one-tonne builders' bags on the unused site of the former nursery playground. Thanks to an award from the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme in 2016 these were replaced with 42 solid wooden boxes.

Members can rent a 1m x 1m box for a year to grow fruit and vegetables and share plants, seeds, produce, experience and knowledge with each other.


The Baggers run events throughout the year including:

How to become a Golden Bagger

All Golden Lane Estate residents who agree to our terms & conditions (see below) can apply to join our community initially as a Friend and tend communal areas. After a year their name will get added to our waiting list to hire a box when one becomes available.

To join, email, including your postal address, email and telephone number. Annual subs are currently £5 for Friends and £20 for box holders. You must become a Friend in order to join the waiting list.

Keep in touch

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