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2018-07-04 Guest Rooms - costs and service charges.pdf

Jacquie Campbell has made a great deal of effort with this and I thank her for it.

My leaseholder and your associations should take it further. There are arguments to be made.

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I am amazed no one has asked about this.

Even if you ignore Landlord Function, which CoL seems to have not heard about!

Just how many other activities are Leaseholders and HRA paying for that CoL should be?

Thanks Andrew,

i have just spotted this. An analysis needs to be made whether the income covers the costs.

There is a big difference between charges for guest rooms on Middlesex Street and Golden Lane Estate. I have always thought these rooms were really to aid those living in studios and one beds re visitors. But anyone might find them useful. Because of the cost though they seem to be used by young members of Barbican residents. I think you would get better value from a basic hotel. As to the costs yes agree on a proper analysis but let us not forget about why we have them.


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