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Hello neighbours 

Does anyone know where the usual locations are for the asbestos inside Cullum Welch House flats? 

The flat seems to be in its original condition with very little updating. And my landlord has never got a survey done. My concern is that there's lots of wear and tear (walls and floors are badly damaged) within the flat and i feel I have a right to know where the asbestos is and what condition it is in. 

Despite my ongoing efforts COL can't really help me as it's a private lease. 

The flat also has the original black vinyl tiles in the hallway and bathroom, I suspect that such flooring may contain asbestos  - does anyone know for certain?  

Any advice or information would be appreciated  - feel free to DM me.  Thank you! 

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And this is the floor under the wood by the front door.  I image yours is similar ...

Cheers for the images. Interesting to see how Grade II Listed flats are updated by the COL. 

In my private rented flat the wall plaster in this cupboard area has chunks missing, badly covered up  with white paint. The area between the skirting board and floor is mostly large battered openings with bits of rubble within. 

The flat still has some character though with some original features still in hanging on, like the scary toilet cistern in the kitchen cupboard! 

Oh yes, I have one of those too!  Period feature!

Hi, I renovated (restored) my flat in Cullum Welch in 2010. I didn't come across anything that seemed asbestos-y … I ripped out the damaged original tiles bitumen tiles, and must admit, didn't even think about them containing asbestos. Maybe they did : /


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