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There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

I attended this months working group meeting on Tuesday. The main topics of discussion were dust, noise and vibration from the site, what could be done to mitigate the possible loss of the trees next to the allotments, the recent gas leak, unexploded bombs, the respite room, views on the hoarding, archaeology, publicity of planning conditions applications and a public meeting.

Noise, dust and vibration. The builders showed reports from their monitoring equipment showing dust and noise levels. It was raised that there had been some complaints that the dust was not being dampened and the builders project manager said that he would look into this. It was also raised that the Construction Management Plan said that there should be monitors next to the allotments and the project manager said that he would check that they were there.

The generator that is currently running on site will be replaced by a builder’ssupply once UK Power Networks can provide one.

Loss of the trees. The condition discharge applications are due to be decided this month. We discussed climbing plants on the boundary between the building and the allotments  and temporary planting along Basterfield service road which the new school children might be involved.

Regarding the gas leak a proper service survey has been carried out and the basement areas of the nearest blocks are to be investigated. Paul Murtagh said that te City was looking at its emergency planning.

The planning application for the site said that there was a medium risk of finding unexplored bombs. The contractor said that once the site was cleared they would carry out a full magnetic survey.

The issue of internet connectivity in the respite room was raised but no conclusions were reached as the internet provision in the Community Centre is temporary.

The City is asking for views on the hoardings round the sites and their lighting. Do we want the hoardings greening and do we want the lighting on all night. Please send you views in.

Archaeologists will be on hand on site if any artefacts are found.

We asked if more publicity could be given to the submission of applications necessary to discharge the planning applications. Sue Pearson showed a list of the conditions highlighting ones that are of interest to residents.

Lastly we were promised a public meeting so that residents could ask about the gas leak and anything else to do with the works.

I had to miss the previous meeting but will try to attend upcoming ones and will post what happened here.

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