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Hi all. 

Hope you are keeping well and safe! 

For over the past 3 months, there has been unsociable DIY going on in Cuthbert Harrowing House. 

We are not sure where it is coming from, so unable to speak with the resident in question about it in a friendly way, so thought I would use this platform.

Please can all DIY be done within the hours permitted, hammering at 10pm on a weekend or weekday can’t carry on, it’s actually making my nerves bad! 

Wishing you all the very best, 


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Hi Carla

Speak to the estate office, they can then put a note through everyone's doors in your block reminding them of when noisy works are permitted, and if you can find out which flat it is they can contact them directly. We had a similar incident in our block but then they then stopped the works out of hours. The problem at the moment though with everyone being told to stay at home and feeling stressful, and some of us working from home and trying to have phone calls and video calls, it does become annoying even during the allowed hours.

Hey Richard,

How are you?

We have spoken to the estate office, and 2 letters have been sent in the block for this to stop, but this hasn't been listened to unfortunately, but will contact the office again and see what they can do.

And yes completely agree, being at home under this climate is stressful enough, let alone with constant DIY happening, it's thrown me off my stride once or twice when doing a pitch for work. 

I hope you are keeping well and safe :)

Carla x


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