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This signal seems to be down in my Crescent House flat since Sunday night. Has anyone else had problems with FreeSat / Sky reception this week? MDTV will investigate but they will charge if it turns out to be my receiver that is broken. thanks.

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My freeview is fine Daniel, the cupboard near the lifts which houses the boosters was laying wide open last week, I did see some one in the cupboard rooting about on Monday I think.

Think they should check the signal right at the point before it enters the flat, if the signal is there then they can charge you for any repair/maintenance inside your flat, I watched them do it here and I saw that the cable had not been installed properly were it enters the flat, less than 5 mins work.

Thanks for the information. The signal went between Sunday night and Monday night, so if someone was working in the booster cupboard on Monday then I suspect that probably caused my issue.

I think the communal lighting i think is in the same cupboard, and is faulty once again as it is now on 24 hours a day, so it may have been the company that "maintains" the communal lighting or MDTV, as far as i could see as it was dark, when the cupboard door was left blowing in the wind last week the cabling is a mess, none of the boosters or splitters are attached to the wall, they are free floating in the air, I should have taken a photo, so it wouldn't come as a surprise if the connections are broken, loosened or interrupted.

Thanks Nathan - MDTV found a broken earth cable that was affecting my aerial. All sorted now.

Glad you had a stress free experience, lol



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