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The fire alarms in Great Arthur went off last night, and I understand they also went off earlier iin the day. I evacuated the building along with a number of other residents but there were others who stayed in and were watching what was happening from their balconies.

When they were testing the alarms the other day, I noticed there were two alrams. One was just the alarm and the other had a voice saying to evacuate the building.

I have only recently moved into GAH and am wondering what the correct procedure is for the different alarms. I would have thought we get out on both of them but why do we have two different ones?

Other residents who have lived there for some time were also confused by the two different alarms in place.

We had new alarms fitted yesterday. Three in the kitchen/entrance area. A smoke alarm, a carbon dioxide detector and a heat ( fire) alarm which goes off if temperature hits 67° C. Plus a smoke alarm on our landing ( maisonette Bowater) 

We were told that these  devices talk to one another, are not triggered by normal cooking or burnt toast but if one goes off they all go off. 

I think the fitter was off to GT Arthur afterwards


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