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GLERA and City of London

GLE resident Ryan Dilley attended the Islington Full Council meeting on Thursday 5 July and reports back as follows:


Sebastian Sandys asked Councillor Ward, Executive Member for Housing and Development: "What conditions are the Council proposing to attach to the planning permission granted to the developers of the Richard Cloudesley site?”

Councillor Ward spoke about the planning process and how the Lonon Mayor’s office will not raise any objections. He said conditions were set out during the consultation process and they felt that only “minor” changes would be made to the conditions already set down. 

Sebastian Sandys asked if the council was aware of the FANS of Golden Lane legal fund reaching its first target and asked if Councillor Ward would meet with concerned residents. 

There was commotion in the chamber and some consternation in the Labour benches. The campaign was wrongly accused of “opposing social housing and a community school”. 

Councillor Ward seemed confused as to why anyone would challenge the plans and said he’d seek legal advice on whether he would meet FANS representatives. 

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