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Just wondering what's the best course of action for this. I live in Hatfield House and over the past week or so someone has been listening/watching TV extremely loud ( I believe he is on Crescent House) I can see the windows open and where the sound is coming from but no idea what house number etc. 

It starts at 9am all the way till 1am, I don't know what to do. 

Thank you 

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Contact the estate office. If you let them know what flat it is, they may know the flat number and who lives there and can contact them.

Alternatively you can contact the City of London



Perhaps your neighbour is not aware that he is causing so much noise and by speaking with him, he may be more than happy to turn the volume down and be more mindful. My point is that a formal complaint should be a last resort.

My advice Helena would be to speak with your neighbour, who knows, maybe he is a really nice person and you make a friend.

Kind regards 


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