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I’m compiling an archive of images of Golden Lane Estate from family photos, such as this great shot of a family on the 11th floor of Great Arthur House (posted on this forum a while ago), for a new project I’m working on.

Do you or your family have any? I would love to see them. Please get in touch DM or email me

Thank you!


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I'm bumping this up hoping to get more response! Thanks!

Hi Stefi, i’ve sent you an email. Other residents also may be interested in this documentary if you haven’t already seen ... including the prophetic line 'the City - which has seen plague and fire - is now getting a new look and, perhaps, a new way of life!'

Hello Golden Lane Estate Residents,

I hope you are all keeping well. I was looking to hold an event at the community centre with a view of screening some great films that feature Golden Lane, as well as an opportunity for you to bring along your photographs and share stories of the estate.

Unfortunately that's had to be put on hold, but hopefully when this is all over and it is safe to congregate again I will organise it.

In the meantime, I would still love you to share your photos of the estate. Perhaps you have more time on your hands now to look through old shoe boxes of family photos I would love to see them. 

I have created a website of images here:

Which you can add to with your own images. 

How to add images
For those of you that are digitally minded, if the image doesn't already exist as a digital file, please  either scan or take a photograph of it on your smartphone. Please then name the file with the correct caption, eg. The Jones, Great Arthur House 1965. Then upload the image here:

(To ensure the site doesn't get spammed, I'll keep an eye on it and may need to change the URL).

Alternative you can email me the image directly:

Analogue images
If you are not able to scan or digitise your old photos, please email me and we can work out a way. 

A selection of the images will then be published in a book about Golden Lane Estate that will be published by Batsford next year.

I really hope you will take part, thank you!


(Terms: please note, if you upload an image it is assumed you agree for the image to be reproduced and published)

 just added six


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