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hi, i'm selling the original shelving unit from kitchen at Great Arthur, It has 3 shelves, 2 levels sliding  doors, reeded glass upper, blue painted lower. Condition's ok, does need a refurb. Has 2 of the original handles. Contact me if you want to come and take a look. 


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I guess this unit is now sold?

Hi yes sold a couple months ago

Thank you for letting me know Sam.  Good to see some pictures of an original shelving unit in GAH.  I was a little surprised it was hanging on the wall between kitchen and bathroom and not on the opposite wall?


hi, not sure, it appeared to have always been that side. Maybe they did flats slightly different. Mines an end one. 

hope you find what you need. 


Hello - realise your message from last year but does your kitchen have other original features, eg other cupboards, worktop etc? If so, could I come and take a look as planning on redoing my kitchen shortly?

Hi Susan, it was the only original peice left other than a small bench section which has now gone as I’ve renovated entirely. You’re welcome to come by take a look but nothing original remains. My no’s 07545484819. Cheers,Sam

An original kitchen was ripped out the the Corporation in my block recently. They were getting it ready for a new tenancy. A terrible shame. 


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