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Hello All,

Something of an unusual request and perhaps this is grasping in the dark, but I would be very grateful if anyone could help. My Great-Grandparents were some of the original tenants of Great Arthur House, and as I will soon be visiting the UK for the first time I'd love to be able to visit where they lived with a little more inside knowledge. My Mum visited during the 1970's and will be in London soon as well, and being able to make it a bit more special for her would be great. 

My Great-Grandparents were Ernest Charles Measures "Earn" and his wife Ellen Measures "Nelly". He served in the Royal Navy from before the Great War until the mid twenties, and they lived above the NatWest Bank at 1 Princes St. where my Grandfather was raised.

After the Second War, my Grandfather and his new, also Londoner bride, left for Canada and his parents moved into Great Arthur House when it opened. They had a flat on the 11th Floor opposite the lifts from what my Mother remembers.

If anyone has any memories of them, could point me to a source that might have more or knows who lives in the flat these days and wouldn't mind chatting with some curious Canadians I'd be very grateful.

In any case, I've included a few snaps that show them in the flat and one of my Grandparents from the war, before they left for Canada if anyone is collecting images of the history of the estate.

Thanks Again!

Colin T. 


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Wow Colin, so fantastic to see these old photos. There are still some original residents on the estate, but they're probably not on this Forum. I hope somebody hear puts you in touch with the right persons. I'd recommend getting in touch with Mrs Flannery who lives in Great Arthur House also.


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