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Linda replied to Linda's discussion Trolley needed for a few hours.
"Hi there Richard, sounds good. I would need them from 9.30 and then return max 2 hours later tomorrow"
6 hours ago
Maria Elizabeth Prior replied to Richard's discussion TV Signal
"Enjoy the iplayer, and hope it gets fixed tomorrow. "
17 hours ago
Richard replied to Richard's discussion TV Signal
"Hi Maria. I haven't checked with anyone else but I can wait until the morning. If they have had a number of calls, they usually send someone out as an emergency call. At least I can watch stuff on-line and through the iplayer etc so it is not…"
18 hours ago
Maria Elizabeth Prior replied to Richard's discussion TV Signal
"Hello Richard. I live in Crescent House, and have not lost my signal. Mine comes from Hatfield House. I presume you are in Gt. Arthur?  Have you checked with any neighbours?  It is such a nuisance. "
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There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

RCS Site | You can't have your moustache and eat the soup

There's an old Tamil proverb about wanting your moustache and your soup that is a version of "you can't have your cake and eat it". But what if, sometimes, you can...

Last month we looked at alternative plans for the RCS site that did not include the CoLPAI tower, with all the issues this seems to be causing for the quality of the social housing and the impact on the Estate. Is it possible to achieve the same amount of school and housing accommodation on the site in a low to medium rise format that matches the surrounding housing?

Well this month we have looked at possible plans in more detail and it turns out that not only is it possible; you could achieve 15% more housing on the site. The key is to combine the school and housing which saves space. This layout would:

  • Be planning policy compliant
  • Be cheaper to build. (The tower is £3m over budget, largely because it is high-rise)
  • Achieve more and better quality Social Housing (76 flats instead of 66)
  • Provide the same area for the school with an integrated School Hall
  • Provide public open space
  • Avoid the fire safety compromises of a single-staircase tower

This is why the community at Golden Lane came together at the three packed public meetings over the summer to demand a better design for the extension to the estate. We met with Mark Field last week, our MP to express our utter frustration at the superficial consultation that took place. If there had been meaningful consultation from the start we would not be fighting this development now - we would be working together to create the extension that Golden Lane deserves.

And just to prove its possible, here is a spoon from the V&A that lets have your moustache and eat your soup.


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Apparently City of London School for Girls are planning to open a Prep School at the Exhibition Halls opposite  the Banksy mural on Golden Lane to and to the Mix

Both Islington and City Corporation's planning officers are recommending approval - this is the link to the Islington agenda documents for 1 March -

The relevant section is 12 - as per attached file. 



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