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Request to COLPAI to follow recommended principles in consultations with residents

On 19 Feb 2020 a Basterfield resident sent the email below to Paul Murtagh, Assistant Director, Barbican Estate and Property Services.


Dear Paul

I am writing regarding anxieties that I and other residents of Basterfield House have concerning the proposed issues to be raised at the ColPAI Planning Condition Public Consultation Event on Thursday, 27 February
The issues are
1.  Delivery Servicing Plan for ColPAI
2.  Refuse and Recycling Provision for ColPAI
3.  Refuse Collection Point for ColPAI
4.  MUGA  Management Plan
5.  School Hall Management Plan
These are all issues which, if not resolved sensibly and sensitively, would seriously damage the quality of life of the residents of the Basterfield
House for generations to come
Previous liaison meetings that I have attended have been deeply unsatisfactory for the following reasons
1.  There are no recorded minutes to the meeting
2.  We  have been asked to refer to the ColPAI website for further information. 
 Very often the website is not accessible or the information there does not accord with what was discussed and offers restricted binary proposals
3.  On previous occasions information is merely been posted on blackboard or PowerPoint type projections
 No complementary or accompanying printed handouts were ever available
This makes it very difficult for residents to offer cogent, coherent and informed responses to proposals so obliquely presented
My purpose for this email is to request that you ensure that ColPAI adhere to ’The Gunning Principles’ recommended by the Local Government Association which are commonly used to measure the legitimacy of consultations . 
These are very simple and straightforward and I attach a copy of these recommended strategies Please refer to the four principles contained
I shall be grateful if you could ensure that on the occasion of the meeting on 27 February ColPAI are made aware of these principles and present their proposals in due accordance
I believe that to accord with these principles the proposals should be presented in detail (and not in any binary form) in a written format which  residents  can take away to permit full consideration
Mere reference to the ColPAI website is not always satisfactory (indeed  even in these days not everyone has access to a computer nor have the skills to properly navigate the website) 
If the details on the website are unclear or contradictory it renders it difficult to make a fully reasoned response
Printed handouts of fully detailed plans and documentation should be made available at the meeting as I believe this would render some adherence the Local Government Association’ Gunning Principles’
I do hope you appreciate our anxieties and are able to act to ensure  ColPAI revise their procedures so that residents can effectively respond
Many thanks
(Name redacted)

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I assume the same principles might apply to Beech Street?  


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