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GLERA and City of London

A number of residents have expressed concern about the potential noise issues that might arise from the tables and chairs outside the Shakespeare pub. The Estate office contacted the licensing department and were told the following:

There is no breach of the Premises Licence here. The Shakespeare is permitted off-sales (unlike the Wood Street Bar & Grill shown in image 3410) and their customers are permitted to drink outside.

Furthermore, the land immediately adjacent to the pub is not public highway and does not require a Tables and Chairs Licence from this section.

Notwithstanding, if the residents are affected by outbreak of noise from customers outside the premises they can consider a review of the licence.


Residents can contact the out of hours noise nuisance team

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On behalf of GLERA and at the suggestion of the licensing team I have contacted the City Surveyors Department to see if they are in breach of their lease. The area to the side of the pub is shown as permissible path on the City’s website and is not part of the pub.


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