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Hello Estate Office and barbican police team

who do we call when people are setting off coloured smoke cannisters in the carpark under Cullum Welch House? It happens now more often.  Two weeks ago I seen fireworks exploding up through one of the ventilation tunnels. The smell from the smoke cannisters is unbearable. 

its been going on for years now despite your employment of Parkguard patrol who  i see occassionally in the afternoon. 

What about that guy from Parkguard's patrol contact number - that would be handy to know! 

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Yes we are plagued by film crews, fireworks and BMX riders on the parapet of Great Arthur House. I had a chat with Parkguard regarding where we stand on the complaints front. In essence it’s a grey area, if it’s noise it comes under the Environmental team, if it’s trespassing it is a police matter, although as it’s graded as non priority, they will not respond straight away. Looking at the comments about noise and disturbance, it would be most helpful if the Estate team responded to our posts! And it would be nice to have a parkguard number (which I have asked for 3 times) but there’s nothing forthcoming. Perhaps Billy Mann could write a blog on the Film Crews which illegally use the Estate. Or for a head honcho to inform Google that this is a private estate, not a public estate for anyone to use as a film location!!!

This is good to know as clearly filming is getting out of control and I know it is something that GLERA (the resident's association) intend to tackle.

Just a reminder - this is our community website run by volunteer residents so good to have people posting here BUT complaints need to be made direct to the estate office. 

Complaints are made to the Estate office.  But that’s where it stops!! I’ve sent emails to the Estate manager.  Spoken to the Community Police, with a promise of an update but again, there’s no feed back.  It’s all very well tackling these issues, but when are we actually going to see some action regarding this? 

Mot gets to the point, what’s the point of complaining if nothing is done about it.  

Thanks volunteers for setting up our community website - your time is greatly appreciated. It's a great place for us residents to highlight the reality of living on the estate.

I'm sorry to say that I have phoned the office with complaints/seeking advice on other matters before and it was a waste of time. 


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