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From The Advocacy Project:

We have extended the deadline for peer mentor applications. We are looking for people with lived experience of mental illness who would like to be trained as peer mentors and offer one to one support to someone experiencing mental illness. The peer mentor will work with the mentee towards a goal that is of importance to them over 6-8 sessions, for example attending a local sports group.

This is a paid opportunity for peer mentors and may offer a pathway to employment or other opportunities. Applicants will be invited to an informal interview and training will take place in September.

Earlier on in the summer, a small group of peer mentors completed sessions with their first mentees, feedback included:

  • “I found the mentoring experience a positive one – I have managed to develop a number of key skills.”
  •  “Went well-is being confident, to be think positive, for being careful”
  • “I think my highlight so far was last week my mentee said she was feeling better after her session that was a very rewarding experience”
  • “I think the whole project  has a been a rewarding experience, it has helped me cope better in peoples company, seeing others in their situation makes me see how far I have come along.”
  • “It has helped me to grabble with my demons and build my confidence and social contact relating to this project it has been very helpful.”


If you know of anyone that may be  interested in the role, please pass them the attached role description, application form and equal opportunities form. The peer mentoring scheme is being coordinated by my colleague Sophie Hudson, Sophie can be contacted on 020 3960 7910 or at Sophie@advocacyproject.org.uk. If people need support completing the application form, they can talk to Sophie.  

We will also be looking for people who would benefit from support from a peer mentor (a mentee), I have attached the referral form.


Any questions, please contact Sophie or I.


Kind regards,

Bonnie Studd

Mental Health User Involvement Coordinator

The Advocacy Project

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Mental Health Peer mentoring application form

Mental Health Peer mentoring role description

TAP mentee referral form

Equal Opportunities Form

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