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As far as I can establish the estate was last redecorated in 2005. By next summer that will be 13 years. A normal cycle of redecoration would be 7 years. The paint is literally falling off Basterfield House. Here are the little deposits of paint all along Basterfield Mews that we woke up to this morning, caused by water freezing under the paint surface and blowing it off.

Over one third of the concrete repair bill is for "access". Apparently the concrete repairs will be carried out by abseiling (without scaffolding). There would be no need for the cost of abseiling if the concrete repair and the redecorations were carried out this summer and at the same time.

According to the last Major Projects Update from September: "Post- tender consultation with leaseholders is due to be carried out in December and we hope that work will start on site in February 2018."  I have not received any consultation on redecorations. Is this project on schedule?

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Hi Charles,

A full redecoration of the outside of all the blocks has not been carried out since I moved here in 2002. On Hatfield the inside of the private rear balconies and the front doors was painted over 5 years ago and i seem to remember the exterior of one block being painted a pale grey about the same time.

The City claim that this has no connection to the determination of the concrete but as the are also saying that the concrete did not have accelerants that damage the reinforcement then the damage must be from water penetration.


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