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GLERA and City of London

£1,433,946 is the amount the City of London plans to spend for a design team and quantity surveyor to design and "enable" the windows replacement on the estate. We have written to the City of London asking whether our latest Major Works estimate of £17,131.71p for windows replacement covers these costs or whether they will be in addition to this sum, and if so, how much extra it will cost us.

Kate Triggs and Robert Cooper
Flat 22 Bayer House
Golden Lane Estate

Jason Crawford
Asset Programme Manager – Property Services
Barbican Estate Office
3 Lauderdale Place

9th June 2018

Dear Mr Crawford

Re: Your letter of 17th May 2018 “Notice of Intention to enter into a long term agreement”

In your letter of 17.5.18 you quote an estimated cost for a Design Team for the planned window replacement (etc.) as £1,283,004. In a separate letter of 17.5.18 your colleague Mr Saunders quotes an estimate for a “Quantity Surveyor/Employers’ Agent” for the window replacement as £150,942: A total of £1,433,946

In our service charge notice of 1.4.18 you quote an estimated charge for Major Works for window replacement as £530,739 for Bayer House (i.e. £17,131.71 for our flat).

Can you tell us whether the estimated Major Works charge to us of £17,131.71 will cover the costs of the design and quantity surveyor elements of the windows replacement or whether this £1,433,946 will be in addition to this charge? If the latter, what will the additional charge to our flat be?

With kind regards

Kate Triggs and Robert Cooper

Flat 22 Bayer House

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Further to this, we have shown the letters to our solicitor who advises that when landlords wish to carry out significant works to leasehold property which would lead to a large service charge they are required to follow a very strict consultation process. Failure to comply with the process can lead to a landlord being unable to claim the money for the work from the leaseholders. The City Of London seems concerned that they cannot stick to the process and are applying to the tribunal to see if they can vary it.
So it seems our landlord the City Of London wants to avoid consulting with us over spending £1.4m of our money on designing our windows - windows that are unique and beautiful.


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