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Golden Lane Community Centre Meeting - call for Trustees and Volunteers

Community Centre Meeting 
Saturday 4th November 12 to 1pm
Sir Ralph Perring Centre

Organised by the Steering Group - Dawn Frampton, Bill Clifford, Patricia O’Connor, Sue Pearson and Anne Corbett 

A group of residents met today to discuss the latest Golden Lane Community Centre Developments. There was a lively exchange of views and questions. The Steering Committee set out the vision for a community centre as a social hub run by a Centre Manager and Trustees. The Centre Manager will recruit Volunteers to help and will be responsible for the centre programme and positive engagement with local residents. 

Earlier in the year, Locality, a specialist charity who work with community groups, was commissioned by the steering group to produce a proposal to show how residents can run the centre. Ellie Townsend, Locality Development Manager presented the key points of the report. We will need to raise £40,000 per year through grants and corporate sponsorship.

Key questions raised were:

  • who will run the centre?
  • how will we raise money?
  • what will be the City of London’s involvement?
  • what will Trustees do?

What next?

The City of London are examining the Locality report and will get back to the Steering Group on 16th November. 

We need Volunteers to run activities in the centre and help with day-to-day management. The Centre Manager will recruit and train Volunteers. It will an opportunity for people to develop new skills.

We need Trustees to help run the centre - we are looking for people who have skills in Finance , Human Resources, IT, Education and Creative Arts.

After today’s meeting we will set up a charity and start recruiting Trustees. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer or a Trustee please send an email to goldenlane.communitycentre@gmail.com

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