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GLERA and City of London

New draft policies - Filming, Parking, Sheds, Lettings and Transfers, Domestic Violence and Abuse

Last year the City set up the Housing Users Board (HUB) so that interested residents could get involved in helping Housing Officers develop new policies and review existing ones.

Members of the HUB team have recently been asked to comment on four new draft policy documents:

We have been asked to comment and share our thoughts on the following:

  • General feedback and comments on the content / coverage
  • Does it read well and is it clear?
  • Is anything missing that should be addressed in the policy?
  • Any errors or omissions

Many residents have expressed concerns about filming on the estate, others about "shed' monies so the Housing Team are happy to hear comments from all residents on the following email community.engagement@cityoflondon.gov.uk



Click here for information about and how to join the HUB Team.

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