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Michelle Warman would be able to extol the virtues of moving the Estate Office into the Community Hall.

She will be able to tell you why the reduced access to staff is helpful to City of London. Here, Middlesex Street Estate, it closes early and requires the Library Staff call up, for the Estate Office to pretend they are not in. We are constantly being promised the Estate Office will be moved.

Less space and fewer facilities will be acceptable, to the City of London. Here, despite the assurances of a equivalent kitchen to run mass event, a fraction of the hobs and ovens were installed. You do not need me to tell you to not believe anything City of London promises.

I believe, they will tell you anything to achieve their only objective of building more flats, if it requires dishonesty, that is what you will get.

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Solution, at the NEXT Cripplegate Elections vote off ALL Common Councillors, except Susan, Mary, and William.

The rest have never really spoken for Golden Lane, Golden Lane need to take the democracy offered and elect ALL candidates from Golden Lane residents! Golden Lane needs to CONTROL Cripplegate Ward, otherwise the CoL WILL continue to ignore you time and time again.


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