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Virgin Active and its head office marketing team based on Aldersgate Street, seem to think it is ok for them to spray/chalk spray paint Virgin Active advertising directly onto the streets of the City of London.


The streets around Aldersgate Street, Barbican tube, Beech Street, Goswell Road, have all been illegally spray/chalk painted with Virgin adverts. These are extremely busy streets, and I have seen people stopping in their tracks bumping into others as they read the graffiti.

It would be interesting to see if the City of London Corporation, takes this further and fines Virgin Active, as other local authorities have fined other offenders £thousands of pounds. Why should any company, or individual obtain free advertising by spray painting pavements?!! It costs council a great deal to clean graffiti, and this should not be allowed. If any company wants to advertise they need to ensure that it is legal!

Virgin Active marketing need to amend these wrongs, and do some real community engagement by providing FREE boxing lessons to those local City of London children from Golden Lane Estate that want them during the summer vacation 2017.


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I'm in two minds about this. If we campaign to stop the likes of Virgin we would also prevent ourselves doing this sort of thing for Open Garden Squares weekend. I know this was talked about to guide folk from Barbican tube to GLE etc. We didn't know how to go about it but now there is a useful precedent


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