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Hi all. I am new to this forum and after a quick search have not found any threads on the dangerous situation created by u-turning taxis/minicabs/Ubers on Fann Street. (I saw one on the dangers of crossing Goswell Road, which is an important but slightly different issue.) Does someone know the history of efforts to install a zebra crossing from the north to south side of Fann Street, between the Shakespeare and Blake Tower? I paste below my recent correspondence with the City on this. I was really surprised to be told that there was no residents' support for such a crossing when last it was discussed. 


On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 9:41 AM, Lee Bailey wrote:
Dear Albert,

Thank you for your reply. Can you please tell me where the signage prohibiting U-turns is? I can only see signs indicating that Fann Street is a dead-end. I am frankly surprised to hear that U-turning is prohibited and that this prohibition is enforced, because in the average 90 seconds a day I spend around this junction, I observe 3-4 vehicles executing turns. That leads me to believe that this dangerous pattern repeats itself hundreds of times a day.

When you say that no resident supported the proposal, can you explain how that process works? I would certainly support such a proposal. Where was it publicized?

Also, what is a pedestrian refuge facility and how would such a thing on the west side of Goswell Road protect pedestrians crossing through U-turning vehicles at Fann Street, which is on the east side of the road?

Thank you for your patience and explanations. 

Lee Bailey

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 10:30 AM, Transportation, City <citytransportation@cityoflondon.gov.uk> wrote:
Dear Mr Bailey,

Thank you for contacting the City of London regarding crossing conditions on Goswell Road.

I would like to confirm that vehicles are prohibited from U-turning on Goswell Road by the junction of Fann Street and there is appropriate signage to communicate this restriction to drivers. Our mobile CCTV enforcement team do regularly enforce this location.

In 2015, improving pedestrian crossing facilities on Goswell Road was investigated and a crossing facility was proposed immediately north of Fann Street. However, this was not supported by a local resident and therefore the scheme was not progressed. Following this we introduced a pedestrian refuge facility outside No.25 Goswell Road by the newsagent.

I hope the above information is useful.

Many thanks

City Transportation

From: Lee Bailey
Sent: 10 October 2017 17:40
To: Streets Queue
Subject: Re: Dangerous crossing: Fann Street and Goswell Road


I never received a reply to this inquiry. I was just nearly smashed by a black cab executing a high speed U-turn, and so was reminded of my attempt to reach you. Please advise.

Many thanks,

Lee Bailey

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:28 PM, Lee Bailey wrote:
As a resident of the Golden Lane Estate, I would like to make a complaint about the use of the junction at Fann Street and Goswell Road by cabbies, mini-cab drivers and Uber drivers as a U-turn facility. This makes crossing Fann Street very dangerous-- half the time you expect a car to move on through, it cuts toward you in an about-face. Has there ever been a proposal to put a zebra crossing there?

Many thanks,

Lee Bailey

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Yes lets hope in time it will ease off now the sign is down. I think it is just one of those ‘hot spots’ which will always create issues. I mentioned it to one of the citys highway dept reps at the Bernard Morgan House project monthly session. He also pointed out that the road being blocked on Long Lane has added to the problem so hopefully when that is finished and back to norm it will ease the flow as well. 

There was a guy monitoring yesterday sat on a little chair with a clicker. I asked if it was to do with the u-turning and it wasn’t, he was counting cyclists. He said he could clearly see there was a problem and would take it back to the office. 

Watch this space...


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