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There are four Golden Lane Estate related facebook accounts and you can follow them here: goldenlaneEC1 

Golden Lane Estate / RCS site 

Save Bernard Morgan House

City of London

Replacement Windows - European Quality Compliance - Kyoto Protocol - Carbon Neutral by 2016

The Corporation of London should ensure that all of the replacement double or triple glazed windows meet the latest European Quality Compliance requirements:

Harmonised European Norms (hENs), meeting European technical standards

Double glazing window marked with the CE logo are hEN compliant

Glass on lower windows to be toughened safety glass

UK signed the Kyoto Protocol, pledging to make all homes carbon neutral by 2016

Replacement windows can affect saleability of apartments - as they form part of the Energy Performance Certificate. Standard double glazing is not acceptable, the Corporation should aim for an A+ rating.

Glazing should be Low E double/triple glazing, 1m2 of Low E glazing emits 91 kilos less carbon dioxide per year than 1m2 of standard double glazing, and would provide an A grade on the Window Energy Rating

Pilkington EnergiKare Glass - Surpasses all current guidelines and foreseeable future legislation

Warm Edge spacer bars, reduce heat loss around the edge of the windows by 65%

Trickle vents

Ducted fans on external kitchen/bathroom windows, reduces condensation

The Corporation should obtain pricing for double and triple glazing, which can then be taken into account by residents facing Aldersgate, Goswell Road, or other noisy externally facing areas.These essential measures will confirm that the Corporation aims to reduce external noise pollution, and have its estates carbon neutral, which will reduce heating bills for the residents.

You may have noticed that Redrow, the developer developing the listed YMCA building, has managed to meet English Heritage, and Corporation of London planning guidelines for replacement windows in record time, metal and double glazed, energy rating A+, why is the Corporation taking so long on its own estates??

Make your views known to the officer dealing with the windows project:

Mr Jason Crawford

Tel: 020 7332 3010



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Golden Lane leisure centre was double glazed without planning permission, as letters asking for retrospective planning permission were sent out approximately 1 year after the leisure centre was re opened and up and running. The YMCA and the leisure centre were private operations, the estates are run by the housing department, private enterprise in the city of London would not get involved in any project if it was run by or like the housing department.

I think there is a serious case for triple glazing in some of the flats who face east and north regarding the freezing and damp living conditions in some of the flats, it is financially exorbitant to even attempt to  maintain a low temperature in these properties to combat damp and freezing conditions. 

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your reply.

I fully support your view for triple glazing in the apartments facing East and North, and I feel that residents facing Aldersgate Street, Goswell Road, Baltic Street, and Golden Lane, should be offered triple glazing too.

Perhaps the Corporation of London Estate Team should consider internal noise pollution monitoring in a few apartments, which would aid in the final decision. The technology is there, and it would only cost a few hundred.

If you feel strongly about triple glazing, I am willing to conduct a survey in all affected blocks and report the findings back to the Corporation. Please let me know.



I live in Crescent House and would love to get triple glazing in my flat not only to try and make it warmer as it's starting to get that cold again where I might have to get the gloves out but also to keep the noise out. I would be happy to participate in any survey.


Hi Lee,

Thanks for your reply.

I fully agree with you.

Triple glazing is the "norm" in many EU countries, it is increasingly becoming the standard when replacing glazing, and in most new developments.

The Corporation needs to take the lead, ensuring that it meets current guidelines and to future-proof its estates. Triple glazing will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the Corporations estates, significantly reduce energy demands, greatly improve the standard and comfort of living, significantly reduce, even eliminate external noise pollution which does cause the occupiers a great deal of stress and lost sleep.

The Corporation has a duty to listen and show engagement with its residents, as well as the business community. I will be speaking to the windows project manager at the Corporation, requesting that either they conduct a fully comprehensive survey to take into account the views of all affected owners/residents, and to take into account the health benefits of triple glazing. If they are not willing to conduct a survey, then I will.

Please also make your views known to:

Mr Jason Crawford

Tel: 020 7332 3010





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