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Just paid an unaffordable service charge to find another bill for almost the same amount come through the door today - due in 8 days. This is supposed to be a mixture of social and affordable housing but it seems that the lease holders who may have bought under an affordable scheme many years ago are being priced out of living here. 

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I heard that the Corporation does not charge for a sinking fund for major repairs so that there is no reserve built up to pay for such things.  Leaseholders are expected to find money to pay for around 50 years of gradual deterioration in the year(s) that the work is carried out.  

I finally received some numbers for Great Arthur which suggest that costs of over £17,000 per flat are 'to be confirmed'.  We could assume that leaseholders should have put aside £340 per year to cover this since 1968.  I have no idea if the Corporation mentioned this to leaseholders.

If anyone has numbers for the other blocks, please let me know.


Hi Iain

I have to go out now but thank you for attaching this. My service charge has been 1880+ per quarter with an added charge now of £1500 just after I have just paid one as adjustment to the year. This is for a studio flat in Cullum Welch and amounts to about £600 per month. I don't know but yours seems a lot less..

To anyone who has been following this thread, I spoke to the council today and they said that the charges vary from block to block depending on what works are going on there. The further bill was a credit adjustment so all calm till December. The charges have to be paid whatever but they are trying to come to payment agreements if it is not possible to foot the whole amount each time... 

£1880 x 4 + £1500 = £9020 per year = £752 per month for a studio.  It does seem to be an enormous amount!

Do you have "a pack which would list all major works and the estimated costs for the next five years."?  or are these published somewhere?

Hi Iain

Find attached my breakdown for the year. I have called and spoken to Home Ownership twice about this. I don't think they take in to consideration the size of the flat. Also, they are sympathetic but said that the works need to be paid for. They also said that it will be even more expensive next year. I just don't know how people are generally affording this but does not seem to be an awful lot that can be done. Car parking - everything has shot up in the last year or so. Thanks for your interest in this matter.



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