What are residents experience of broadband please?
We had a heavy sell from Hyperoptic in Cullum Welch so I gave them a go.
But 6 weeks later have functioning router but still never had Internet.
Has anyone had positive experiences with other broadband providers please?

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We use Community Fibre which was fine in Bowater House and we now use in Stanley Cohen. You say you have a router, you should have a Moden too. I hope that helps

Thanks Christine will try Community Fibre

I have been with BT for years. It is not full fibre, I think it is fibre to cabinet. When I first moved from Cullum Welch to Great Arthur there were a few teething problems but that was over 4 years ago and I have not had any problems since. I get download speeds of about 75 mb/s and uploads of 18 mb/s. Not as fast as full fibre but I have a lot of devices connected and often work from home and I never lose connection, unlike a lot of my colleagues who have full fibre and have had a lot of issues. .

Like most broadband users I was initially with BT, Copper wire from roadside to apartment, services included landline and broadband, as prices increased, £30 plus monthly,  I looked elsewhere and switched to TalkTalk about 10 years ago, I can honestly say that I have never had any problems, last few years TalkTalk have switched to fiber broadband. 

I have been paying on average £22.00 monthly, this includes unlimited landline to landline UK calls, landline to landline USA, Canada calls, landline to landline EU calls, contract is for 24 months, one month before renewal I ALWAYS call to request new terms, or I make it very clear I "may" switch, they always agree to renew, offering more or less the same price, they also add some credit to my account for loyalty. Free router is provided, and upgraded if faulty along with every few years. Overall I cannot fault TalkTalk, Tel: 0800 049 1040.


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