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Hi all,

Does anyone have any good recommendations for external window cleaners? I foolishly had assumed that part of our grand old service charge might have included window cleaning but apparently it does not.  

Additionally, I guess there might be a small economy of scale if anyone else is interested in getting their windows cleaned and I'd potentially be happy to administrate one visit for a number of flats - I am ground floor in Hatfield. So shout if that's the case too and we can see if it'll work. 



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Afternoon Nick,

I now clean them myself, as I am too high up for a typical window cleaner, much greater job satisfaction too...

However in the past I have used the services of Mr Adam Jones, Mobile: 07513 107 152. He is very local based, nice polite man, him and his team get the job done, will clean externally and internally, highly recommend him.

I have told him to expect a call from you. The more neighbours that you have requiring the service, the lower the price.

Good luck.


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