By nature Golden Lane residents like to look out for their neighbours and many informal groups are self organising. A group of residents headed by resident Councillor Sue Pearson have formed the GLE Covid 19 Hub to support these groups - email or leave a message on 07714 777692

More info on the Covid-19 page which we'll try to keep regularly updated with resident specific info and useful links.

You can engage with other website members on the Health and Wellbeing forum



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Could you volunteer to host a refugee?

I came across this charity which is doing very important and relevant work. If you want to find out more, please have a look at their website or contact them.

"Refugees At Home, a small charity, working largely in London but across the UK, has enabled hosting for four years now. It currently has about 120 people hosted every night and has found refugees somewhere safe, warm and dry to sleep for more than 153,000 individual person nights so far. We've made well over 2,000 placements for asylum-seekers and refugees who need somewhere to stay while they pursue their claim for asylum or, once they have refugee status, sort out their lives, find jobs and save up enough to rent.

"The majority of our guests would love to be hosted in London as they know it's diverse and welcoming with access to their own communities, to halal meat or Eritrean churches and where they will meet less prejudice and disadvantage than in some other areas. Many want particularly be in east London where Crisis UK, the Refugee Council and other support organisations are located.

The only thing that stops us hosting many more people is not enough hosts.

Could you help with that?

All you need is a spare room with a bed and a door plus a generous heart. We will offer support, will take references from all concerned, will check out the guests before we try to place them. You, as the host, have the final say. We never forget it's your home and your decision about who stays with you and for how long.

You can find out much more at, there are FAQs, news articles and policies as well as the form to sign up to host.

Plus you can find us all over social media: on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
Or email ifor more information."

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