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Airbnb Type SHORT Term Lets Nightmare - Are They Allowed on City of London Residential Estates?

Over the last few years myself and some neighbours have been plagued by short term lets via inconsiderate landlords who "may" be breaching their lease conditions.

The Airbnb lets have caused:

Sleepless nights - noise coming through thin partition walls from neighbouring flat

Marijuana smoking on balconies directly outside neighbouring properties

Needles on balcony

Litter on balcony

Late night parties


Noise from wheeled suitcases day and night

Banging of doors day and night

Urination in lifts

New short term tenants attempting to open the doors of neighbouring properties

The City of London Corporation is the Freeholder of the residential blocks, does the City of London allow short term Airbnb type lets? Do the Lease conditions allow short term lets?

These short term Airbnb type lets are causing inconsiderate landlords to cash in, resulting in loss of long term rental accommodation for longer term tenants.

One owner of an apartment within Golden Lane, but based within the Barbican, said they have every right to let "as we wish, even if its Airbnb!"

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Thanks for the info Andrew, review is l o n g overdue.

Have GLERA expressed an opinion?

Airbnb type lets are not allowed by the City either in their tenancy agreements or long leases. Any such lets that are causing nuisance should be reported to Michelle at the Estate Office.

An overseas friend of mine came across this listing while she was looking for somewhere to rent on her next trip to London, and wanted my opinion as she knows I used to live in the area. I wasn't aware CoLC allowed this kind of thing, should I report to the Estate Office? 


Have a look at the new draft policy with an invitation to submit comments BUT this needs to be done by Sunday 19 August


I have also just found that short term let’s are in breach of the planning regulations so there is another way of the City enforcing the rules if they want.


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