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We are aware that some residents are currently without a supply due to a fire in the meter intake room in Crescent House.

We have been in contact with the energy suppliers and they have asked that  residents contact them directly to arrange the installation of new meters.

Useful numbers:

British Gas - 0800 048 0303

EDF - 0800 096 7359

EON - 0345 301 5995

Southern and Scottish Power - 0800 072 7282.

Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to help resolve this matter.

Laurence Jones

Estate Manager

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Can we also please be told why the emergency after service phone was not available to residents.  This is not the first time this has happened.

Anyone without any electrical power is not likely to be able to see this message.  I passed on the details to one of my neighbours, who has been affected.  They tell me they have contacted their electrical supplier, who informed them they cannot do anything until the City of London replace certain wiring.  So, these poor people will be without any electrical power until at least tomorrow.  If someone had answered the after hours phone they could have made all the necessary arrangements to assist residents.  

Thank you for passing on the message to those who have not been able to view this. This is most appreciated.

I have been in touch with the police who are on site and speaking to affected residents.

With regards to the out of hours service, without the full information I am unable to comment. This is something I will deal with at a later date and once we have an electrical  supply restored.

Laurence Jones


Laurance this is for the City of London to deal with, no matter what the energy suppliers say, they'll fob you off without hesitation. Residents can't even access the meters. What energy suppliers have you spoken to? I wouldn't have a clue who to speak to. There is an energy management team in the Guildhall you can liaise with who can point you in the direction of the people able to to get this sorted out. The Housing Dept. need to co-ordinate the repair or installation of new meters.

Anyone in Crescent house might like to check all their electrical goods in their flats, I have one item whose power supply has been burnt out. Makes you wonder how safe the electrics are in this place.

The fire officer said it looked like the fire had originated in a very old electricity meter.

You are right Sarah.  This is entirely the responsibility for the City of London to deal with, hence my comments about the fact that no one answered the out of hours emergency phone.  That person would have been the one directly responsible to handle this.  It is not down to the residents.  Many people, including myself, left messages, but no one replied.  There is a residents' meeting on Tuesday, and I can assure you this issue will be raised.  The residents I spoke to are not happy to say the least.  


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