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Apologies for the general post but not sure how else to contact the GLERA committee. I had hoped to put myself up for nomination to the committee (or whatever might succeed it), but now find I am past the deadline of 4pm today - my fault, as I always seem to be at work when the estate office is open. 

Is it possible to submit the form online, or would someone on the existing committee be able to take my nomination form? 

Thanks very much! 


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Maria Elizabeth Prior often checks so she might be able to help.
I meant to attend but clean forgot due to having someone here doing work on our flat then we went out to eat and only remembered when we got home too late.
I hope enough folk volunteered
Thanks! I popped my form in the box this morning so fingers crossed. I think the meeting itself isn't until 30th, so let's see what happens then

Hi Nick.  Don't worry about it.  You can, if you want to, put your nomination forward at the actual AGM, which would be fine, as some people do that.  But, I believe they were collected this morning, so if you put yours in then, no problem.   


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