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Just a word of warning folks.  For the last two evenings there has been a group of boys throwing crab apples at pedestrians and cyclists in Fann Street.

They also let off fireworks in Fann St, which my Husband told them not to do, but was met with a tirade of bad language and threats.  I have recorded them, but not sure if I can upload on this site for whatever reason, but if the parkguard officer wants to see it, I can forward it to the Estate office.

there are 3 boys in total, all on bikes, one bike is bright orange. Not sure of the ages but the boys are teens. 

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Their parents must be so proud!!

Very proud lol 

I am guessing it is the same boys that are always hanging around the estate. They are always up to no good, they swear at residents and throw things at people's windows.

There was a firework display by the pond on the estate this evening and they turned up. Once every one had gone they started letting off fireworks and throwing them around.

When the security/police guy is around he does move them on but obviously he can't be here all the time and they just come back.

Then what’s the point in having a patrol of the Estate.  Surely they can be escorted off.  I actually spoke to the boys today, as they are breaking the branches of the crab apple trees in Fann St.  I told them about parkguard who patrol the Estate,  they quoted his name back at me, so there not bothered if they are doing wrong and caught, as nothing is done.  

We used to have security guards in the office from 6-10pm 7days a week.  Rather than having money sitting in accounts from the revenue from the sheds, why not utilise the money by having a permanent guard.  The Estate definitely needs more patrols 

Tracy the shed/garage/filming money just goes into the general City of London Housing coffers and has done for several years now. I agree - an evening security patrol would be beneficial to counter many of the anti-social problems people are having. There are similar issues on all the open spaces on the Estate.

We’ve just had to call the police because they were throwing crab apples at our window, and fireworks.  When we told them to stop we came under a tirade of abuse.  The language was terrible.  Hopefully if the police can do something about this. It may put a stop to it.  

I saw the police in Fann Street when I came back from work last night (Tues) and someone said it was to do with those boys. Is there any update?

Yes it was to do with the Boys.  Don’t know any update yet, I’m not even sure if they were arrested.  I was told by an officer that they would be seeing they’re parents. 

Well it's a start, hopefully they have had a warning and if anything else happens they have their names and addresses. These are the same boys who were smashing glass in the children's play area mentioned on here earlier this year and were up on the leisure centre roof last year as well as a number of other incidents.

I cannot believe this has been going on for so long!! How on earth has this been allowed to happen? No wonder why they thought they could get away with anything.  I’m not sure if any other resident has contacted the police over these boys, or if Parkguard has.  

But something is seriously wrong by letting this carry on.  I understand residents may have different tollereance levels, and would pass it off as “Kids being Kids” or just turn a blind eye, but if residents are not pro activ in stopping this behaviour, by not letting Estate Staff know, or on a more serious level calling the police, then of course nothing can be done, which ends up having the tirade of abuse and disturbance this has caused today.

I videoed what these boys did, and I provided screen grabs and the video to the Estate office and the police, I’m not saying this helped in anyway stop the ASB, but it contributed to hopefully help stop it in future.  If the budget cannot run to having a permanent Security Guard cover the Estate for a few hours per night, then it’s up to us residents to keep a whethered eye on the Estate and decide whether it’s serious enough to raise it with the Estate Staff or to the police.  It’s fast becoming an attraction for all sorts, but not necessarily a welcome attraction.  


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