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May I ask who from the City management will be attending this drop in session on plant pots?  Thank you.

I have just received clarification today that no one from City management will be attending the drop in session, and that it is purely for residents.  


Can anyone clarify exactly what this meeting is about? We have just heard from our neighbour that the City wants to remove all potted plants from all areas of the estate, even out back of ground floor flats where many people have been maintaining gardens for years (some for decades!) and which give, we think, a lot of visual pleasure to residents and passersby -- as well as contributing to a greener environment. It would be very helpful to have an idea of what will be discussed at this meeting, and the impetus for it in general. Any information is very welcome! 

Thank you, and best, 

Emily and Brian 

Hello Emily and Brian.

The drop in session has been arranged by one resident in Crescent House, who is representing those  that are upset and concerned over the City's stance on this issue.  It is a chance for everyone who has an experience about this to share it at the session, which will also be attended by the Southwark Mediator, but not by any City management.  

As many people know, I personally suffered from having most of my garden taken away by force, which had devastating affects on my health.  I have not heard anything about the City wanting to remove ALL plants from the Estate.  I am currently taking legal action over my case, and cannot comment too much for legal reasons.  However, I think it important that anyone with concerns should share them at the drop in session.  The purpose of it, as I understand, is to support those residents who have been affected, and to present the evidence to City management.  It is certainly vital for our health and the environment that we have plants and trees across the Estate, especially as, over a long period of time, the City encouraged this by their annual garden competitions across all their estates.   

Dear Maria, 

Thank you for this information, that's really useful to know. And great to hear, also, that the residents have managed to organise a way to make themselves heard. We did hear about your story and find it shocking and wrong the way you and your garden were treated. We are big believers in the the right of residents to plant gardens, to contribute to green growth and ecosystems on the estate, and also to do things that increase residential quality of life; actions that should be facilitated and not destroyed by the City. We will make sure to come along to the drop-in and contribute to the conversation! 


Emily and Brian 

Thank you both very much.  

May I ask if your neighbour is sure the City want to remove all plants across the Estate?  The reason I ask this is because the City have a duty to disclose any information on the matter to my solicitor, and they certainly have not relayed this.  Therefore, if this is a fact then I need to inform my solicitor of this.  Thank you again and am pleased you will come to the drop in session.  

Hi Maria, 

We have spoken to the neighbours and it seems that there has been no formal move from the City at this stage' they are just concerned (and possibly aware) that this is what the City would ultimately hope for, given their attitude to people's plants and gardens thus far. As you point out, were they to decide to move forward with any new rules, they would be duty bound to disclose the information. But hopefully this will not happen if we all make ourselves heard and promote green spaces on the estate! Thank you, and see you on Tuesday. 


Emily and Brian 

Hi.  Why the City would hope there would be no plants etc across the Estate is beyond me.  Can you imagine, if that were the case they would have to dig up Hatfield House garden area, ban the Allotment etc!  I can hardly see residents allowing that.  Gardens and plants are vital for our wellbeing, and to promote healthier air.  Does City management have no gardens themselves where they live I wonder?  These are our homes, and we pay the City to look after the Estate, and uphold our wishes, as residents. See you next Tuesday.  Have you any idea what time roughly you will be coming? 

Hi Maria, 

Yes, agreed on all fronts! Especially in the present moment with growing concerns about the environment, ecosystems and clean air -- local gardens and greenery are certainly essential. I'm sure that all residents will be unified on this front. On Tuesday we will come after work, around 6pm. 

Hi,  I will also pop in about the same time to meet you both!  

Dear Golden Lane residents,

I look forward to meeting with all of you who will come along to the Pot Plant Drop in session tomorrow afternoon from 2.00pm to 7.00pm in the Community Centre.

I wanted to let you know that the drop in session tomorrow will not be attended any City of London staff. This event is solely for residents to come & share their experiences, ask questions & propose any ideas that they may have.

I have been working with Dave Walker, Mediator (with Southwark Mediation Service) over the past many months to create a way for residents to become involved in this discussion. The goal is to create a space where your voices can be heard & listened to.

Please feel free to use the email address if you wish to contribute your thoughts that way.

Dave & I hope to be able to chat to lots of you tomorrow.

Best wishes,



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