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Now that Bernard Morgan House's demolition has been rubber stamped, how will you ensure that the replacement building provides homes for low income families and how will you make sure that it benefits the local community.

In relation to this, keeping in mind that this used to be a Police station house, how do you plan to house police in, or close to the areas they work, to build community policing, which has been proven to reduce emergence of extremism and terrorism?

This is a test. Two questions for each of the four candidates. Short word/number answers wherever possible, please.

1. What is the population of the Cities of London and Westminster constituency?

2. How many of them live in the constituency.

Certainly agree, the country where we were born, and live, is my FIRST priority too.

Voting for a political ideology which champions the private sector, continues to destroy public services, takes away essential lunch time meals from children at school, saddling students with mortgage type student loans, causing the shortfall in social housing, reducing police numbers, causing emergencies within the NHS, reducing pensions, WHILST reducing taxes for those that are most able to pay, allowing corporations to hide profits overseas, continuing to allow British overseas territories to function as tax havens, is the Conservative party which is destroying the fabric of the UK.

Over time it has become apparent that the Conservatives are just out their to line the pockets of the business community.

It is absolutely disgraceful how the Conservative government policies have heaped pressure upon the public services which are being guillotined all around us.

Police: Snow Hill police station is due for closure.

I remember speaking to some newly recruited police officers at a recent event at the Guildhall, they were all against the closure of Bernard Morgan House

I know that the Labour party candidate Ibrahim Dogus was and is against this closure, whereas the Conservative party sitting MP, Rt Hon Mark Field fully supported it, this confirms that he and the Conservative part are not bothered in the slightest if the police that serve Londoners have no affordable accommodation, which is even more essential for newly recruited officer who are on much lower salaries. All around the UK the police are being forced to sell of stations, stations that are being converted into luxury flats, to ensure Conservative votes, stations that could have been retained for police accommodation, to ensure that the police can afford to live within the areas that they serve.

The Police do a wonderful job, they can only perform if the Government provides investment in policing, and stops cutting back on numbers.

Key Industries:

If overseas state companies owned by the French, Germans, Chinese's etc, are allowed to bid, and operate key infrastructure companies, such as electricity, gas, nuclear, water, then something serious has gone wrong, why cannot the UK government allow the UK state to fund and invest in these companies? Foreign state investment in key UK infrastructure should not be allowed. Would the same countries allow the UK state to buy their key infrastructure? NO!

Nuclear Power:

This is needed, both as a weapons deterrent, and power source. The Labour party has stated that they will retain the nuclear deterrent, which will involve continued investment.

The Conservatives are hell bent on selling off the nuclear power stations to overseas state companies.


Only Labour has shown in the past, and committed to investing in our children's education. Academies were launched under the Labour party. Free child care for all two year olds. Free university education, and maintenance grants, these are essential, as the same graduates will be paying back into the tax system once they have graduated and earning, we should not be saddling the young with £50,000.00 plus on average, medical students, law students, are graduating with debts averaging £80,000.00 plus!


Conservative policy, as long as we can afford private health care, why bother with the health of the nation? The Conservatives have continually cut back on the provisions of key medicines, especially cancer treatments. NHS trusts are being forced to merge and downsize, assets are being sold off, rather than using those assets to reinvest in NHS buildings the sale proceeds are going to central government.

Students who want to become nurses and serve their communities are turning away from the profession, this is again due to the Conservatives policies of abolishing Nursing funded courses, and their maintenance grants. 

You only have to look at the Neaman Practice to see the number of doctors retiring due to the pressures of increasing patients without increases in funding.

If the Conservatives are re-elected they will destroy the NHS beyond repair, then the likes of their friends will step into the vacuum and offer services on a profit basis.


The Conservatives, they have the tax payer funded state pensions, in addition to the private sector pensions, why would they even bother maintain public pensions? They have confirmed that the triple lock for our countries pensioners will be abolished, just goes to show how much they really care about the country. In addition the Conservatives want to make sure pensioners feel the winter chill by abolishing the winter fuel allowance, and then to top it off they will abolish the free TV licence.

Labour party have confirmed that the triple lock will stay, only means test the winter fuel allowance, and retain the free TV licence. 

'The Conservative’s manifesto pledge on social care offers the worst of all possible worlds for millions of older people and their families, they are proposing a Frankenstein's monster of a plan,' says National Pensioners Convention

The City of London Corporation is party and parcel of the policies that the Conservative party champions. The disinvestment in Golden Lane Estate is a text book example of how Conservative policies, operated by City of London Corporation business vote Councillors, and other Councillors who are not brave enough to state their political affiliations, have destroyed the fabric of Golden Lane. Another example is the selling off of the ex-YMCA building to Redrow, why did the Corporation not invest in social housing within that building? Simply because the City, and its business voters do not want any social housing within the City boundary. The City continues to sell off Barbican apartments on the open market as they become available, rather than use them for much needed social housing.

The Conservatives, have time and time again delayed the requirements to reduce environmental pollution. Now that the UK is leaving the EU, it gives them quant blanch to ignore EU environmental pollution laws. We in the City will continue to suffer due to Conservative policies against improving the air that we breath. Only the Labour party is committed to following through EU legislations on the environment. I want the Conservative party to hold their next cabinet meeting in Beech street, maybe then they will realise that pollution legislation must be followed through, even with Brexit.

There is only ONE party that will put the UK and ALL of its citizens first, it is the Labour party, its certainly in the interests of the country to have a party for all sectors of the UK, my vote will certainly be going to the party which will protect the UK, and has a social ethos, the Labour party.


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