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Honestly somebody high up at the COL needs to say enough is enough now, Crescent House and the estate in whole is an absolute mess and everything just takes so long to get done.

We have had no lights for over a week now.  The Estate Office were too busy taking away some Christmas decorations for so called 'safety reasons'.  Being in darkness is a severe risk to our safety, so why has nothing been done? 

It has now been 2 weeks now since we have had no lights on the landing, despite the fact the Estate Office has known about this, and it has been complained about.  We have had no apology or explanation.  Yet, yesterday, they took away my partner's wheelchair that was on the landing, nowhere near any exits, or blocking access.  He is 85 years old, and has dementia, and can hardly walk.  I was accused of 'disregarding' the Estate Protocol, although I did not.  The City are the ones disregarding their own Protocol, as they claimed they 'are committed to providing safe homes for residents'.  They have left us in darkness for 2 weeks, and taken away my partner's wheelchair, thus putting us in extreme risk should there be an emergency. I have repeatedly written to them explaining how ill I am, but have been ignored.  Instead I was threatened with legal action.  Their treatment of vulnerable, ill people is a disgrace. 

After two weeks being in darkness someone finally came to look at the lights last Friday.  For 2 days they were restored, but again, we are in darkness, for the last 5 days.  What a disgraceful situation. 

Finally, last Friday, after being in total darkness again for a long time, our lights have been restored, but only after my social worker went into the Estate Office about it.  Am so grateful she sorted it out, when us residents were ignored when we complained.  The City are so quick to quote Health and Safety issues to us, and blame us for breaking them, but are happy to ignore their own responsibilities to us, as residents.  This is not going unnoticed.

I spoke too soon.  This evening half the lights that were originally out for nearly a month, are out again.  This is despite being told by a City of London manager that all the lights had only been out for about 2 days!  I have asked for a full response and an apology for the false information.  Somehow, I don't think I will get it as the City never admit to their failures to residents.  Instead they claim they are committed to the health and safety of residents.  This one issue proves that that is not true.

Hey Maria there is a residents drop in session today, I'm going to go along and tell them what I think about the state of Estate.

Good for you Lee.  I can't as still very unwell. 

On 23 February 2018, us residents on the third floor received a letter from the Estate Office manager, telling us that the defects to the lighting had finally been identified and repaired.  We, on this landing are mystified over this letter, as we continue to be in utter darkness, and it has been like that for many weeks.  We have complained about this breach to health and safety, yet the Housing Department deny we have complained when we said we did.  On one occasion, my partner's sister in law contacted the Estate Office to express her concern on this issue, only for me to be told they could not 'recall' the conversation.  So, not only are the Estate Office being negligent, they are suffering from memory lapses.  One of my neighbours has written yet another letter on this matter.  This is sheer incompetence and not acceptable, especially in this severe weather, when we cannot see when walking along the corridor.  

they are all good down this end of Crescent house, so good they are now on 24 hours a day, again, but who cares it's no one's money.
The only way to communicate with the corp housing department is in writing or email.

When are they going to replace the windows?? That is what I would ,like to know. The condensation, damp, and cold and noise that is let in is ridiculous!

Hi Nicholas

In August 2016 I got a email from somebody at the city of London to say that they were hoping to start the windows in April/May 2018 but now they are saying at the earliest 2020 so expect it to be even later than that and it could be even 2025 before they finish, I went and spoke to COL at the recent open evening and they told me that is correct and not much can be done.

i for one love living here on Golden Lane but the state of the housing is appalling and so looking to move away.


Nicholas Lynch said:

When are they going to replace the windows?? That is what I would ,like to know. The condensation, damp, and cold and noise that is let in is ridiculous!


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