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Climate Emergency - a challenge to Golden Lane Estate residents

The Climate Emergency declared across London over the past ten days has had a dramatic impact not only on the levels of publicity afforded to the issue of climate change but on Thursday turned the spotlight on the City of London. As protesters glued each other to the entrance to the London Stock Exchange the 13 activists who blockaded the entrance to the building wore LED signs reading "climate emergency", "tell the truth" and "you can't eat money".

These actions were more recently followed by the announcement of the carbon goals required to avoid global warming made by the Climate Change Committee.

Here is a useful quiz to test your knowledge of what actions do and don't make a difference.

How do we deal with climate emergency on Golden Lane? What is the truth that needs to be told here? And how is money that is being spent being used to combat this emergency?

Much of the work that went into developing Extinction Rebellion started in Totnes which has been a transition town for the past fifteen years. Details of the Transition Town can be found here. As it happens, the population is roughly the same as that of Golden Lane and Barbican Estates combined. Totnes has been tackling climate change of many years, the Square Mile has a long way to go.

Here are some questions for people living on Golden Lane Estate:

- What technical skills do you have that could be applied to combatting climate change on this estate?

- What changes could be made to the buildings and to the landscape to reduce carbon emissions?

- What changes would you like to make that can only make in cooperation with neighbours?




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Comment by Merry Monk on April 27, 2019 at 13:31

It’s all a huge challenge to our thinking about self and family rather than we.

Having looked at the Totnes link food growing jumps out. In the earlier days of our baggers it was suggested that we work the bags as groups , so x  planted as potatoes, x planted with cabbages but it was decided that folk wanted their own bag. With a single bag, box you probably can get enough for 2-3 meals depending on what you grow if anything grows.

Listing issues are a barrier to overcome but we could create far larger food growing areas. The Barbican, dare I suggests has lawns that could be allotments , nut tree orchards, fruit tree orchards. But would they share? If we can’t work collectively.. 

Anyway that’s probably where we could make a start in changing our thinking as there is a committee and a sizable group of baggers and would be baggers.

Energy is another area with solar panels and perhaps when new windows are put in , insulation to that outer wall could be looked at.

We would need some kind of help for folk re their ability to accept the crisis facing us all and how to work collectively. Anyway we would certainly come along 

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