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The letter sent out by Puma regarding filming on the estate on Friday 6th April seemed very sincere with an understanding that they are guests on our estate and therefore residents would not experience any disturbance. 

Well.......Friday afternoon a big team were filming on the private residential areas within Culllum Welch House, running up and down the communal corridors making loud noise. I opened my door to find a camera crew and a team of models. I asked them to move but they ignored me. I phoned the office to be told that they had permission to film inside the residents' areas and there's nothing I can do. 

Despite the noise, I also found it to be an invasion of privacy as they were filming right outside my door.  

It seems that once these film crews are given permission they lack any respect for the residents.  

The estate office were completely useless and were more on the film crew's side. 

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You could report it to the COL Filming office, they might then be more strict on future requests. I think there should be someone from the COL on site whenever there is a big filming project happening.


Linda,  I so know how you feel.  We, in Crescent House, have had similar issues, where, without notice, film groups and photographers, and 'tourists' have appeared on our landing, taking over.  I totally agree that's its an invasion of our privacy.  What I find hypocritical is that these groups have used our plant displays as backgrounds for their project, which no doubt the City gets a payment for, yet they cruelly forcibly removed my 'garden' that had been safely there for 20 years, and used as a backdrop for filming, and used by guest flat users, thus making it a working garden.  The Estate Office are not affected by this, and considering they are meant to be there for the residents' interests, there response is not good enough.

All payments for any filing on the Golden Lane Estate should be allocated in FULL to the Golden Lane Esate Residents Association, for community use.

Further the CoL licensing committee should have ensured that PUMA gave a voucher to each and every child on the estate allowing them a free pair to the value of £200.00!

Any further filming or photo shoots, should be approved by the GLERA, with users paying a financial payment to the Residents Association.

Residents should be allowed free filming, photo shoots etc...


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