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Hi Laurence & Ian

Can you explain why you give permission to an inconsiderate film crew to set up right underneath our windows at the crack of dawn on a Mon morning? It’s been non stop loud noise and vehicles since before 7am. Looking forward to hearing your good reason. 

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I can’t agree with you more ...
I decided to work from home today and unbelievably disruptive noise and pollution.

I called the Enviromental office twice after asking 8 people carriers on Fann street with their engines running all morning idylling.. “they said we don’t care “ when I told them it was residential area please turn engines off as it’s illegal.
Neighbours woken up a 3am

It’s so out of order and the only benefit is money paid to whole. Where is the consultancy for this with residents.

I would like an explanation too so would my neighbours !

I received a letter through my door last week warning about the filming.

That still doesn't excuse the noise though, I was woken up early by guys shouting and loud banging where they were building the set. I thought there was a time guideline for when any loud works can commence (8.00 or 8.30) so this should apply for filming too surely.

The assistant location manager is called Adriene Whitwell and her contact details on the letter are

Tel 07946 758757 or email adrienewhitwell@me.com

There is also a number for the City Of London Film Office, 020 7332 3202 or 020 7332 3182

I have put in a complaint to the film unit.

It was ALL approved by the CoL licensing team, £££ counts.

Any future filming, photo shoots etc affecting Golden Lane, GLERA needs to ensure that an appropriate payment is paid to the residents association for community use, the community gets affected, suitable payments must be paid to the residents association.

Long term, only solution to solve the CoL's continuing refusal to listen to Golden Lane residents is for Golden Laners to ensure that at the next Cripplegate Election, ALL councillors except Susan, Mary, and William, are deselected, Cripplegate Ward needs Golden Laners! only then will the CoL listen.


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