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The Barbican Fruiterers & Greengrocers - John Harwood has Retired 26.10.2018

John Harwood, aged 69 years, the proprietor of The Barbican Fruiterers & Greengrocers is retiring on Friday 26 October 2018. John Harwood always provided a wonderful polite service to everyone, especially to the residents of Golden Lane, Barbican, and the wider City of London.
Enjoy your retirement John!!!! We will all miss you!

John served the community tremendously well, the City of London should award him the Freedom of the City!

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What is going to replace The Barbican Fruiterers & Greengrocers?

Upmarket flower shop, to eat into the profits of the local Waitrose.....

Hi Tracy

I believe a new greengrocer is taking over.  I so hope it will also sell plants.  I believe it will reopen in a couple of weeks, so we will see then. 


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